Our story began in 2015, when we started dehydrating fruits and vegetables to create a unique superfood blend for our horse Burlesque. Through trial and error the following years, we figured out which ingredients kept her excited for her meal each day, and which nuts and seeds kept her the shiniest and in best weight and muscle health.

It wasn’t long before we began to question our treat choices as well. Why purchase treats full of inexpensive fillers, wheat, oats or molasses when we could use this as an opportunity to once again provide Burlesque with ingredients to thrive?

The resulting Superfood Bites also evolved a bit over the years, and it didn’t take long for a recipe for both dogs and horses to develop. Although the market for vegan dog treats is growing, we still found ourselves searching for one with the quality of ingredients and nutritional benefits that we wanted to feed on a daily basis. The Canine Superfood Topper soon followed, and we now have a full line of products that we feel great about feeding, and are proud to share with the world!